Where will I find tub?
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I love relaxing in a tub after a long day's work. Problem is, my apartment has only a shower! Can you help me find a tub-substitute (that doesn't involve going to icky public baths) please?

Is there such thing as an inflatable bath-tub that is sized for an adult? I can't find any kiddy pools that would work and the only adult-sized inflatable bathtub is the EZ-Bathe, which costs well over three hundred bucks and is intended for patients who cannot move. Extra points if it includes an easy way to prevent me getting water all over the floor and is deeper than 10 inches. Thanks!
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You need a tubstitute! :)

All I can think of is if you can find an actual, used fiberglass tub, and have the lip cut off, and even cut down the depth. I don't know how your shower is situated, but it you can place the drain-end of the the tub in the shower (maybe on a dense foam pad to raise the height over the lip of the shower), then you can fill it right from the shower, and then drain it right into the shower. It would be lightweight enough to carry out of the bathroom and store upright in a closet or spare room.

Check your local second hand shops. Or, even better, contact some contractors who specialize in renovation. They might rip out an old fiberglass tub they will give you for the taking, because you don't care about how it looks, just that it works. Tell them you will pay them to cut it down the way you want. It will take them 15 minutes with a Sawzall. Happy bathing!
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Would a hot tub/jacuzzi work? How about joining a gym that's on the way home from work - the kind of gym that has a jacuzzi. Or does that fall under the icky public bath?
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Stating the obvious here, but unless you're in the basement with no one beneath you, an inflatable pool in your living room is probably a bad idea. That's a LOT of water weight.
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What about an inflatable tub for two, an inflatable spa, or using an inflatable raft as a tub?
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Well if you are a relatively small person, I know my wal-mart sells these giant rubbermaid type storage bins that are nestable when empty. I use the large size (35gal size not like the link below) to store garage stuff so they dont get dust and cobwebs etc in them.
the rubbermaid site has this 54 gallon one as an example.

You could buy two, and nest 1 inside the other for strength. Get a length of tubing to use as a siphon for draining it as 50 gallons of water isnt going to want to leave the container without straining you or making a mess or both. Tubing can siphon it right into your shower later. (big tubing like in the aquarium section would work)

It's not glamorous but it would work and I suppose you could deck it out for comfort. I think my wal-mart sells them for about 15 bucks each or so. they are very sturdy but i'd still get 2 if you are going to fill with water and lean against the side when in it.
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Oh, and here is the one I use in the garage, it also doubles as the dog bathtub outside on the patio. He got too big for the sink :)
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You are almost certainly inviting a storage and drainage mess. If you enjoy a tub this much, you should find an apartment that actually has one.
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My two step method will turn any shower into a tub, just follow these instructions carefully:

1.Cover the drain with a washcloth and watch the water rise.
2.Sit down in the water and enjoy.

Hmm. On preview I guess that's four steps, but you can omit the last two for your purposes, if you like.

Hope this helps!
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Those Rubbermaid containers actually aren't a bad idea. The larger ones are very strong, I know fish breeders fill them with water to keep large schools of baby fish in.
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A friend removed the door to his shower stall and replaced it with a marble panel, using silicone caulk to make the joins waterproof. In essence, he turned his shower into an ofuro.
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I agree with chrisamiller and sageleaf.

Is is possible to install a small bathtub?
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A foot bath is almost as refreshing as a full-on one, particularly if you buy one of those thingies with the vibrating action. Plus, you can do it on the couch, in front of the TV, big bucket of something to eat by your side.
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Response by poster: Hey guys,

I am, in fact, on the ground floor- but am hoping for something that doesn't send my utilities through the roof (but I LOVE the penguin pool link- so funny)
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Clawfoot tub! If not in the bathroom, then in the living room. I couldn't live with out a bathtub. What a drag not to have one.
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but am hoping for something that doesn't send my utilities through the roof

I think the foot spa is probably the way to go then. You can always get yourself a nice fluffy robe to wear while using your foot spa.
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Best answer: This is a suggestion that isn't the most beautiful, but will absolutely work: get a rubbermaid stock tank about 100 gallons max. Google and see what size fits in your shower stall. One good thing to consider is that these type water tubs are designed with a location to place a drain near the bottom... beats trying to bail it with a bucket or siphon with a hose. They are almost indestructible (I've had horses kick them, etc.)

BTW, you need to buy the pvc drain fitting extra. Just ask and the seller can find it for you. They aren't so heavy either, and you can tip it on it's side for final drainage, etc. I bet you can have one delivered to your door in a week or so. Happy shopping.

They are usually in "tasteful" shades of black or grey, depending on the actual manufacturer... But, hey nothing beats a soak.
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Honestly, it seems to me that moving would be less work and hassle than using any of these options long term.
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If you're desperate, check into a hotel.
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Is there such thing as an inflatable bath-tub that is sized for an adult?

Sure -- Google "birthing pool." For example.
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Alternatively, are there non-icky public baths? I used to go to them all the time in Japan and it was pretty much the best thing ever. I have the same situation with my apartment, so I feel your pain.

I don't know where you're located, but if you find a public bath in the San Diego area please let me know. Or if you open one, I will be your favorite customer, I promise!
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BTW, as a follow-up, related to kmennie's comment: I've seen the horse/stock water tubs noted as good birthing pools on midwife Q&A site somewhere in the past. Check it out and see if they have any other comments about them. Perhaps you can go to your "local" feed-n-seed to see one in person as it's not as smooth as a typical fiberglass tub.

And, FYI, water weighs about 8.34 pounds per gallon.

Please update about what you decide (if anything). It's an interesting delima!
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arnicae, this may not be what you're looking for, and I'm afraid I don't have a great deal of information, but earlier this week, I saw an ad for a tub meant to fit into a shower, and be accessible via a (presumably water-tight) door on the side. It even had a little integrated seat.

It looked like it was for folks with somewhat limited mobility who didn't have a tub, but everybody in the ad was walking around, so...

No idea what it costs. But if I see the ad again, I'll come back and post an update.
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