How can I send flowers to somebody in China?
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Can anybody recommend an online florist that can accept US payment for delivery in China?

There seem to be a few Chinese florists online that have English pages and somewhat reasonable prices, but how can I tell if they are reputable or not? Flower quality and punctuality are important too, of course. Has anybody done this before and have any links or advice?
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Response by poster: Oops. Peking University, Beijing
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googled "beijing flowers" got a spelling correction, but also got a banner ad for and they have prices in US dollars.
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Response by poster: Thanks dogmom. I googled myself before asking, but I was hoping for personal experiences.
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Best answer: Here's what happened:
-Ordered online from with a temporary credit card number. (Ended up being unnecessary to do so, but better safe than sorry!)
-The prices were cheap compared to equivalent quantities/quality in the US. I also upgraded the flowers to the "luxury" option for something like five dollars. It sounds like it was worth it.
-They sent several tracking/progress emails after I ordered.
-The delivery person called the recipient before hand, and did not speak English (OK in this case).
-Same-day delivery! (Be careful with different time-zones.)
Overall success!
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