DC Parking - any zone maps?
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Is a map of parking zones in Washington DC available anywhere? I am moving to a central area where street parking is a nightmare most of the time. I think I'll have a zone 1 sticker - I'm trying to gauge where the boundaries are of zone 1 - so I'd know where to try and keep my car for the time being (I plan to get rid of it, but not quite yet). Google and DC DMV sites turn up nothing..
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Best answer: Parking zones correspond to the DC ward map.
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Here's a big map of Ward 1.
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Note, though, that parking stickers are often good for a few blocks just outside the zone; we just had dinner on 9th Street NW, and the parking sign, which was a block or two north of the Zone 2 boundary, indicated that it would take parking stickers from either Zone 1 or Zone 2.

More DC ward maps.
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Response by poster: ha! all the time I've lived here and I didn't know. thank you!
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keep in mind that a lot of areas of Ward 1/Zone 1 will have street cleaning signs as well, meaning that you'll need to move it occasionally or get ticketed ($30 at least0

However, there are parts of Ward 1 where that isn't true - Mt Pleasant St north of Park Road, for example. Tends to vary. Look around and there should be some places where you can just sit it and leave it (assuming you have a Zone 1 sticker)
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FWIW: A couple of months ago, after getting a parking ticket even though I had made a sincere effort to understand the posted rules, I sent DC (i.e. mayor's office, council, etc) an email that said:

It would be very helpful to have a map online that shows the parking rules and regulations - where you can park when. It'd be easy to do with google maps and would be a service to people who live in neighborhoods and need to move their car around to avoid tickets.

They replied:

Thank you for contacting the District of Columbia Government regarding your suggestion to make a map available online which outlines parking restrictions and regulations.

Your concern was forwarded to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) for follow up. While impractical now, it may be something to give serious thought to in our future plans. When planning anything to do with the District, we of course have to take into consideration a host of factors related to the population. One factor is the number of people who do not yet own a personal computer and would have the ability to review any maps regardless of where they may be stored.

The District has done a great deal to ensure residents may see and understand the parking restrictions when it deals with parking meters. The 4-inch decals displaying the allotted time; the 1 inch decals displaying the meter unit; the 1 inch by 3 inch instructions drivers are able to rely upon and the new handicap rules and regulations. Again we thank you for your input and thoughts regarding the subject at hand.

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Response by poster: they make a good point, much of DC is not online. I haven't had trouble understanding the parking signs so much as just not being able to find space.. but it turns out my zone is ward 2 not ward 1, so I expect it'll be somewhat easier.

I only drive on weekends anyway so I may put my car over in Georgetown most of the time and just leave it there. I was more worried I'd be ward 1 and have no choice but to keep looking north for parking which means running into adams morgan/mt pleasant, and I live a long, long way from park road.
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Just so you know, lots of the Ward 5 neighborhood, Brookland, is un zoned and there is a convenient Red Line stop there. Drive on over, patronize a local establishment like Col. Brooks Tavern as you payment to the community and then take the Metro home. Come back and check on your car occasionally. This should buy you the time to either get a new sticker or sell the car.
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