Livejournal authenticated RSS problem
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Livejournal authenticated RSS feeds on Mac OS 10.4.10: why do they keep losing my credentials? May involve Keychain.

I have several friends on livejournal who I'd like to read, along with all of my other feeds, using an RSS reader. Subscribing to their friends-only feeds is easy enough, the URL is just When I add this feed, the RSS reader prompts for my livejournal userid and password on the first refresh of the feed. At this point, the credentials are stored in my keychain and the newsreader should access it whenever it refreshes the feed. However, usually after a couple of days, the credentials are lost, and the RSS reader prompts for the username and password again. This is really irritating since it does this for half a dozen feeds. Some specifics:
  • I don't have any other authenticated feeds, so I don't know if this is livejournal-specific or a more general problem.
  • I have tried three newsreaders: Shrook, Vienna, and NetNewswire Lite. They all have the same problem.
  • At least with NNWL, I know that the credentials are stored in my keychain as an internet login (one for each feed). When I first authenticate, I can check in Keychain Access to see if the login is stored there, and indeed it is. When NNWL starts prompting me again, I look in Keychain Access again and the login is GONE! Why would that happen? No other credentials are lost from my Keychain, and when I run Keychain First Aid, it reports no problems.
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Not really secure, but useful at home.
posted by anaelith at 1:10 PM on August 5, 2007

I have the same problem, alopez. anaelith's suggestion doesn't prevent the problem for me.
posted by aneel at 8:15 PM on August 5, 2007

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