Help me pimp my AT&T 8525
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Dear Hive Mind: Please help me find the best "must have" Mobile Windows 5.0 apps for my AT&T 8525, specifically software focused on Productivity / Organization.

Tell me what software you could not live without on your Win Mobile 5.0 device... Software you have used, have found of high quality and would strongly recommend to others.

I am going to work in sales and while I have a number of Desktop Web CRM ideas (like Highrise HQ) I really want some productivity apps that can leverage my integrated phone/data/pda platform in the 8525. I am also disorganized by nature, so I need a quality general organizational app too.

As far as "fun stuff": I am not much into music or multimedia, but if there are some good free/inexpensive apps I'll take a look. Same for games, not so much because I am not interested but because if I have games on my 8525 I am afraid I won't get anything done.

Other Wish List Items:
-A good news feeder (specifically covering Business and Politics)
-Nifty "wow" gizmos

I'd prefer NON subscription / recurring service charge apps, but if its only a few bucks a month and it is REALLY worth it I suppose that is OK.
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Organization of ideas is easy with ADB Idea
posted by ThFullEffect at 10:21 AM on August 5, 2007

Did you find this question? It has some good suggestions I think, though I guess they're mostly in your "other" categories.
posted by sevenless at 10:48 AM on August 5, 2007

Windows Mobile 6

Watch this space for the official AT&T release for your 8525 (aka TyTN)
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WisBar Advance and Spb Mobile Shell definitely made life easier for me.

Also check this list of popular apps over at xda-developers.
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