Anyone have experience or advice on selling Gold Krugerrand coins online?
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My wife has some gold coins (South African Gold Krugerrand Coins - One Ounce) left to her by her grandparents and is looking to sell them. We live in East TN (Knoxville area). Any luck selling Krugerands in TN or online?

There are a couple of places online that will buy them ( is one) and we are a little weary of sending in $3500 in gold coins to NY by mail. Please give us some advice or other options. Thanks hivemind.
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there are several krugerands on ebay
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Maybe take 'em to a coin shop?
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I've sent cashier's checks for several thousand dollars, and gold worth similar amounts, to Hannes Tulving in Newport Beach, CA. As far as I know, he's a reputable dealer. I think he's got a minimum order size these days, though, so you might not have enough coins.

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Yes, most coin shops will buy and sell gold bullion - Krugerrands are bullion - for a slight discount to spot.
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Coin shop, definately.
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