Mama Corleone's song at Connie's wedding
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In the movie, The Godfather, what is the song that Mama Corleone sings at Connie's wedding?

In the opening scene of the movie, Connie's wedding, Mama Corleone is called up on stage to sing. She then sings a traditional Italian song (at least, I think it is a traditional song). Does the hive-mind know the name of this song? Any thoughts on where I can get a copy?
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i suppose i should also say, the song is not on the movie sooundtrack
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This transcript says that it's the first verse of "Luna Mezz'o Mare" (warning: spelling apparently varies and I don't speak any kind of Italian). More information here. English translation here.
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wow, that is it. thank you no-sword. fast and correct answer. the hive-mind knows all. thanks again.
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