Where is that?
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What is this building? Castle, palace or maybe even a hotel, possibly on the Rhine or Danube.

It's on the cover of a Viking brochure I received and unlike every other photo inside, this one isn't identified!
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Ooop -- Viking Cruise link, repaired.
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This is so funny - I just called Viking (it was making me crazy), and they told me:

- They've sent over five requests to marketing this week alone to find out, because no one there recognizes it either

- The guy I spoke to has been on two of the Europe cruises himself, and doesn't remember it from either of them

And last but not least - the marketing department sometimes doctors the building location - the example the rep mentioned was the "Melk Abbey" - it's actually about a mile back from the river, but the photo showed it right on the river. Basically, if you see a building that looks like it, but the location looks wrong, it's probably the right one.
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Well my first thought when I pulled up the PDF brochure was "there are crescents on the spires, so it's possibly in a muslim-populated country."

My second thought was "there's a phone number on this brochure."
So I called them.
The lady I spoke to didn't know, but said she was positive that it was either in Austria or Germany, and on the Danube.

(on preview, seems like Liosliath and I had the same idea.)
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Well, it could be a heavily modified picture of Frederiksborg Castle, it's very similar. Or it could be some other random Renaissance castle in roughly the same area, I'll keep looking.
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Found this at allposters.com. The text says it's the Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. Here's another view, all the way at the bottom of the page.
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(And it's on the Main, not the Danube.)
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Wow, AskMe does it again! Are those really crescents on the spires? I can't tell, even when I blow it up a little.
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Hm, from this pic, I don't think they are - looks like little flags.
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No, don't seem to be. If you can view 3-D models via Google Earth or SketchUp, you can have a closer look.
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And, of course, the Wikipedia pages: Schloss Johannisburg and Aschaffenburg.
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looks like I was all kinds of wrong,
and so was the lady I called.
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Schloss Johannisburg it is, in Aschaffenburg, thanks all. For the sake of completeness, some info from that city's wiki -- the Schloss was built (1605-1614) by Archbishop Schweikard von Kronberg, and was damaged by allied area bombing during the war.
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