Priority list of things to see in Yosemite
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36 Hours in Yosemite: I'll be attending a conference in San Francisco and will have most of the weekend to kill. We've already booked a hotel room just outside Yosemite National Park. I plan on seeing the Giant Sequoias, and generally just driving around. There's so much to see there that only 36 hours seems like a travesty. Alas. What are some must see things there that I can enjoy at a relatively relaxed pace in my short time there?
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You MUST drive up to Glacier Point. Jaw-dropping views across the valley.
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go to mariposa grove early (9am) to avoid the wait to get into the parking lot. take the tram tour to the top of the grove then take a leisurely hike down it.
glacier point is lovely, especially at sunset. on weekends there are amateur astronomers that set up their telescopes and hang out all night up at glacier point. some of the telescopes were larger than me so quite impressive.
taft point is a mile hike (on glaceir point road too) and has a stunning view with few people. you also get to see the fissures of the valley on that hike.
i like jumping in the merced river for a swim -- there are decent swimming holes near sentinel bridge. you'll be in the car a lot. make sure to stop as much as possible and enjoy the view--it's a stunning place
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I had a great time going into the valley and renting a bicycle. The valley is relatively flat, there are plenty of paved trails, and I could scoot around to all the major sights and short hikes without worrying about crowds or parking.
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Last summer we drove through from Mammoth lakes through Tioga Pass, into the valley, then back out by sunset. Sure there was stuff we didn't see, but it was plenty enough of time to experience the easy-access major sites. Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, Half Dome, Mirror Lake... We entered the park with a map, and not much of a plan. I didn't feel like we missed out at all.

It was even enough time to propose :)
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Swim in Mono Lake and enjoy the tufa towers and alkali flies. It's amazing.
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I would also suggest Washburn Point.
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If you are in decent physical shape, you are pretty much obligated to hike to the top of Half Dome. It's really amazing, and for me it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
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Thanks for all your suggestions!
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was there a few days ago...go to the happy isles trail head...up to the waterfalls (nevada, vernal) thru the Mist Trail to Emerald Lake....Its a gorgeous trip, blew my mind. If you can camp out get a permit for Little Yosemite, spend the night & hike to catch the sunrise on Half Dome...was the 1st one there at 6am....didnt see another soul for several hours...i HAVE to do it again....highly recommend it
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