How to store text files on my cellphone?
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I'm looking for an application for my mobile phone that will look after passwords and short text files.

I have a Motorola V6 Maxx which serves me well (decent camera, webbrowsing and music player). The one feature that I need is the ability to be able to store and read short text files on the device. I'd also like to be able to encrypt the files or password the application as well, just in case the phone goes AWOL.

I can't really justify the expense of changing phones - this one came to me as an insurance claim and it meets most of my needs. Storage space isn't an issue as I have a 2GB transflash inside the phone.

Any ideas?
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It doesn't help you at all, but SplashID on my Treo does this extremely well.
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It won't help you when you're on the move, but if you use a (mini)USB cable to your computer to charge your phone (and load that card with music, etc.) leave some room on it to load some Portable Apps on it.

KeePass will organize & encrypt all your passwords, and there are several that will handle notes, and some other things you might find handy. They're all pretty small and won't take up much room on the card.

But again, only good when your phone is connected to a computer - you won't have access to the Portable Apps data/programs through your phone interface.
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for your phone, you will need to find a JAVA app to handle it.

try to search for java based apps for your phone.

perhaps try:
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try googling "j2me notepad"-- i found the following:

the password requirement might be a stretch... i dunno though, you might find a solution out there.

the v6 doesn't have symbian so i don't think that brinks' suggestion will do it for you.
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