I need an option other than "Yes, always ask".
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On my phone's browser, I need an option other than "Yes, always ask". Help?

T-Mobile USA carrier.
Motorola RIZR Z3.

I've dismissed the weak built-in T-Mobile browser for the phone and installed Opera Mini, which is is perfect for me and works great on the phone.


Every time I change the URL (by clicking on a link, choosing one of my bookmarks, etc.) I get the following screen:

http: 195.189.xxx.xx:xx

() Yes, Always Ask
() No, Ask Later
() No, Never Grant Access

I would really like there to be a "() Yes, Always Allow" option. Going through the Allow sequence every time I change pages is getting old.

Any help? Is it T-Mobile, or Motorola, or the java code for the browser, or ?
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Best answer: It's do-able but fairly complex. Here is a google groups answer that explains the situation. Motomodders forums might be of help too. Mentioned here as well.

As always might want to back your phone up first.
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I remember when I had my Razr, this used to drive me insane. I feel your pain.

At the time, there was no fix for me and I almost killed myself on numerous occasions.
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Response by poster: Thanks Beta. Now I have a rainy weekend project.

Hey, why'd my post come out in tiny type?
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