Recommendations for a free POP email account?
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Recommendations for a free POP email account? All I can find is lists of providers, no real commentary.
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Until you have access to gmail, let me say that Evil Email has always been good to me.
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I've always been happy enough with Can't imagine it's got anything any others don't also have.

What sort of features are you looking for?
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Ah. And I see that it's no longer a free service. Damn, sorry.
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Not looking for anything really fancy. I just want a service that will download messages into Outlook for me, rather than a web-based account. And the fewer advertisements and spam messages, the better.
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I'm very happy with's free service. They have a (slightly awkward but very powerful) webmail front end if you need it, but I actully just use POP3.

It's one of the very few mail addresses I have which doesn't get spam. They supposedly leave a sponsor email in your box, once in a while, but I haven't seen one in months. I think there are banner ads on the webmail, but I'm not sure since my ad filtering regime catches that stuff.
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I've been quite pleased with Freeshell For only $1 (or $5 through PayPal) you can get a lifetime membership with POP (but not SMTP) access and a nice amount of webspace to do with what you will. you can try it out for free, too.
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The best is Yahoo - but not the .com version as that charges $30 a year for pop access. However, if you go to or and sign up for a free email account from there, you still get free POP access (barring one advertisement from Yahoo per month).

There are no adverts on the bottoms of the emails, it's fast, and you can get web access to your emails at any time as well.
posted by humuhumu at 11:36 AM on April 28, 2004 is a German ISP that offers free pop3. I don't know one word of German, but I was able to sign up without too much difficulty. If you've filled out one online form, you've filled out them all.
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I had some problems (IIRC) with softhome a few years ago -- seems people were sending emails to the correct address but they weren't always getting through. It was enough to make me switch to a non-pop service, but other than that, I'd recommend them at least as of a couple of years ago.
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I use and
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I use for my stuff, and love it. Only dislike is you need to be on their dialup for SMTP, but I guess that's fairly common for anti spam stuff...
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I've been using, which is a testbed for Novell's mail server software, for a while. It's aces. New signups may be turned off, though.
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If you can deal with IMAP instead of POP, I recommend
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Second - although if you need reliable mail, this is not it, the service is often down for testing. Also, setting it up as a spamtrap is strictly verboten ($ 10 fine per spam message going in or out, although I have no idea how they would enforce this).
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Yeah, is okay. I signed up when they still had English language support and when they pulled it, I just sort of blindly muddled through. I have deleted my entire inbox a couple times, but hey, I was never going to reply to those emails anyway.

They have decent spam filters, you can flag messages as they come in via your webmail, but I still get a shit ton of spam. A lot more gets filtered out than makes it to my inbox, though, so that's a point in their favor.

Oh if you think you'll be checking your mail via the web, you'll want to bablefish your way through their settings to turn off the "adult" advertising. It was a bit disconcerting to check my email at work only to be presented with many pairs of pert German boobies.
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Thanks, all. I'll check them out!
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