get your knock-off on: sunglass edition
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Please help me find a pair of sunglasses similar to a pair way out of my price range.

While shopping with a friend, we went into a Sunglass Hut on a "hey let's try on the goofiest stuff in the store" whim and I ended up putting on this pair of Pradas, which I like the look of, but frankly can't shell out $300 Canadian for. Thus, I'd like something that retains the essence of it while not costing me an arm and/or leg.
Recommendations online or in/around Vancouver are ideal; thanks in advance, folks!
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Get thee to a Flea Market.

Knockoff sunglasses abound. You may even be able to find a knockoff of that exact pair.
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Have you checked Ebay? My husband found a pair of authentic Chanel sunglasses that usually go for $275 and he got it for about $150. Of course, there is always the risk that you will get screwed on Ebay, but always check the seller rating to confirm if they are legit.
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Funny how search works.
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Googling 'Replica Prada Sunglasses' brings up tons of options.
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Our local mall has a kiosk that sells only knock-off sunglasses, the same as mentioned above about the flea markets. It might be worthwhile to take a little shopping trip to the mall.
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I ended up going back to the mall and asking for similar but cheaper glasses and was pointed at Oakley's "Spike" glasses in matte black, which are both cheaper and suit me better.

I then went to eBay to find a pair; shipped it should come to 1/3rd of what the Prada pair would have come to, going by the average selling price. I haven't pulled the trigger, as I'm looking for someone that ships to Canada at a reasonable rate and I want to check out the Richmond Night Market; apparently I might have some luck there.
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