Rental in Rochester NY
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Anyone have a recommendation on a real estate company or rental agency for Rochester New York? I'm moving from out of state and need a rental in a safe area near downtown.

Any info on Rochester would be helpful. Is public transportation usable? Safe areas to live? Fun things to do?
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Haven't lived in the area in years, but Park Ave always seemed one of the more vibrant neighborhoods. The City paper is the city's version of the Voice.
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I lived in Rochester for a number of years and never used a real estate company for an apartment. However, I highly recommend the Park Ave or East Ave area. Portsmouth (which is off East) is also nice.

As fo public transportation... not so much. I'd suggest a car. Oh, and definitely hit Park Ave shops, the Little Theatre and The Distillery for fun. Also check out Water Street Music Hall for music. The Bugjar and Lux are great bars.
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Second/Third for Park Ave / East Ave area. Good stuff, good times.

There's a diner nearby that is across the street from an older theatre called the Highland Park Diner. Soooo. good.
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for more information about Rochester, NY, check out our Wiki:

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Bah, wrong url. I used a 'dot com' when I should have used a 'dot org'.

Anyway here's the Real ROCwiki link
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Specifically, the ROCwiki Housing Guide
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