How do I go back to the old version of Kerio personal firewall?
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I've been a long-time user of Kerio personal firewall. Due to recent circumstance, it's now gone. How do I get it back... [ah, but there's more!]

Thing of it is, I don't want the new fancy-pants graphical-overload version.

I want the one I had before, which had a really ugly interface, but was quick and uneventful. It didn't track applications opening other applications or other non-firewall stuff: it simply sat there and permitted or blocked incoming/outgoing connections.

I thought it was v3.x, but the only copy of 3.x I found ended up fubaring Win2K, forcing me to rollback. It also had the stupid "application X trying to run Y" popup.

Any ideas where to find my reliable old version? It must have been v2.x.
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You know you can disable all of the features you neither need nor want with the click of a single check box in 4.x, right? The only version of Kerio I've ever used is 4.x, and it's still streamlined and unobtrusive compared to others like ZoneAlarm.

That said, you can get version 2.1.5 from VersionTracker.
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If you have any trouble with the VersionTracker download, I think I have the install file for the last in the 2.x series and can get it to you.
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Response by poster: I had no idea, Danelope. I'll give it a shot, then.

I know a few people on MeFi are using the old version. Could one of you do a ctrl+alt+del process-list and report the memory usage?

Same with a v4 user. If there isn't an order of magnitude difference, I'll give v4 a shot.
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kpf4ss.exe: 2,332K
kpf4gui.exe: 7,232K
kpf4gui.exe (again): 896K

10,460K total, running on an 800 MHz Athlon with 768MB RAM.
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Response by poster: The new version looks okay. I'm having some brainfarts, but I think I've got it figured. I guess it'll do the trick after all.
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Yeah the new version is fine. You can always disable the application protection and enable only the firewall
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