Where to find circular graphic/image?
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Need to find or create a graphic that resembles a circular shape made by sealing wax -- like one would find on an old letter or document. Could be a photo image or a graphic/drawn image.

Though that's just one design approach we are toying with. We could also go a more heraldic emblem route, but circular in design. Or a sort of degenerated circle shape that type could be laid into, to resemble a "stamped" document.

Google doesn't turn up much.
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I'm unclear as to what you're looking for that isn't on google.
posted by craven_morhead at 12:13 PM on August 2, 2007

Just for the sake of functionality of searches, zenpop, you may wish to correct your tags for "treamtent" and "heralidic". Aside from that, I, like craven_motorhead, am a bit mystified. Google images seem to turn up a number of things. Have you tried searching for "notary seal"?
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For real! There are 66,000 results in Google image search. Or are you looking for something else entirely and I don't get it?
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When Google Image Search fails me for a reference, I turn to stock photo sites like Getty, Corbis, Masterfile, etc. If you just need a small reference to look at you should be able find something there I would imagine.
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Response by poster: The wax seals are great. Embarrassed I missed those.

Probably because I was thinking more of an illustrated treatment. Getty and Corbis are great suggestions I'm going to check that out too.

Will change the tags Greg. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Yikes, how do I 'correct' the tags associated my post?
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Look in the upper-right hand corner of your screen somewhere. Little x's next to each tag means "delete." Click on the "add tag" link to... well... add tags.
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Stick any old icon/image in photoshop, desaturate and colourise it wax-red, select the symbol details and cut them out, (use a brush to erase the outskirts leaving a wax-seal-shaped border), use the emboss feature to make it into a 3d-looking wax seal. Then to take out the flatness, filter>render>lighting effects. Done.

For someone who knows the software, it should only take a few minutes.
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