PageMaker-InDesign Compatibility
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Regarding PageMaker/InDesign compatibility: I am the production editor at my university's yearbook and we have traditionally done all our design work in Pagemaker, I prefer InDesign. Is there anyway to save InDesign files as pmds or open them in PM or is it a one way thing?
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it's one way, unfortunately. you could save the document as a pdf and insert each page one at a time into pagemaker, but I don't reccomend it.

this is also true of versions within Indesign, which is the primary reason taht I won't upgrade to 3.0, even though I wan't to. The inability to save files backwards is unique to this adobe app, I believe.
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Response by poster: Yeah that's what i figured, thanks for confirming.
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Adobe isn't going to develop PageMaker any more. Maybe the staff should consider making the transition to InDesign this year or next? Of course, this is coming from a gal still running Quark 4 on an OSX Mac, so don't listen to me.
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Adobe makes a special version of InDesign specifically for ex-PageMaker users, when your team is ready.
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Maybe some 3rd party has plugins, like for Photoshop and Quark?
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