Where's Enterprise Manager?
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I have Visual Studio 2005 Professional. I installed VS2k5Pro with all of the options except the sample databases on my WinXP box, but now I can't figure out how to access the Enterprise Manager - replacement ... Enterprise Management Studio, or even find out if that app is included with the version I have. Any suggestions?
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You'll want to grab SQL Management Studio Express.
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Best answer: Pro should let you do DB stuff using the server explorer. Views -> Server Explorer, right click Data Connection and Add Connection. It works a lot like Enterprise Manager.

SQL Management Studio is also nice. It's kinda Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer glues together and build into a GUI like Visual Studio has. It still has some weirdness but it's passable.
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Response by poster: Thanks. That helped me a lot -- I just couldn't find where to do that. I'm a Mac-based PHP developer that got pressganged into doing some quickie C# work on a database I'm familiar with. I hate Visual Studio, I hate MSSQL, I hate C#, and I hate explicit typing and type conversions. But at least I'm making progress now. :-P
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