RSS feeds for a housing search?
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Good site(s) which provide configurable RSS feeds for real estate listings? (greater NYC area, and/or nationally in the U.S.)

I'm currently interested in keeping an eye on a few different areas around NY and NJ to see what's out there and what prices are like. It seems to me that somewhere out there there would be a site that would let me put in some zip codes/cities, some other criteria about what I'm looking for, and would give me a custom RSS based on those criteria.

But I've had no luck finding such a site so far. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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How about this?
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Best answer: Oh, I misread - apologies. If you want to enter more criteria than just the zip code (such as pricing and bedrooms, baths, etc.), and you're in the NYC area, I'd recommend the New York Times. Just put in an advanced search there, click go, and it will take you to the results page. On the results page, look for the little RSS button.

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Craigslist's housing RSS feeds are configurable: you can set minimum and maximum price, # of rooms, even search terms, and they have a site per region for most (all?) of North America.
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