UHA green tea and high concentrated milk candy.
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I'm attempting to find somewhere to buy this Japanese candy and having no luck at all.

You'll find a tiny bit more info on the candy if you click on the picture of it on this page.

I've found the coffee version in grocery stores here in the D.C. area. But the green tea and milk ones are so good -- even better than the coffee ones.

I've had zero luck finding a place on the internet where I can order the green tea variant. (The coffee type, however, you can even get from Amazon.) I'd prefer a site in English--but I don't mind ordering from overseas.

If all else fails--I'll take suggestions for a hard candy that might taste like this one and be easier to locate. Bonus points if you've had the Uha green tea candy and think they would taste similar.
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The second item down on this page at JList is the regular milk version, but I don't see a mention of tea anywhere. You might be able to request the tea version from them though.
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Kasugai makes a similar one. Also, there's one by Meiji here (10 items down).

You might have better luck finding one of these, as both Kasugai and Meiji tend to have pretty good market penetration in Asian supermarkets and such.
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There is also a variety of Chinese tea candies. I have no idea if they taste similar but you could always look them up as well.
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The Meji ones listed by Vorfeed are very very very very good.
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Thanks, I'll give your suggestions a try. Since I already like both the coffee and tea flavor of this one brand, I have a feeling I may like anything that falls into this "genre" of candy.
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