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Can anyone recommend any cabin rentals in West Virginia?

I'm looking for a weekend cabin rental in West Virginia in late September/early October. I'll need approximately 8 beds. It's for a bachelor party, but we're pretty low-key guys and just want a place in the pseudo-woods to have some beers, cook steaks, and chill.
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If you're at all interested in rafting September / October is the Fall Gauley rafting season, when they drain the dam down by opening it on weekends. Most of the rafting-centric places will have accommodations from cabins to bunkhouses to lodges (we've stayed & rafted at Ace and enjoyed it very much. They rent everything from tent sites to deluxe cabins with hot tubs).
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There are lots of options...

Bluestone has some really nice, low key cabins, in the southern part of the state.

Seneca Rocks has some amazing cabins on trout-filled streams, with awesome scenery.

Further north, Tygart Lake has some respectable cabins on the lake, although there's not a whole lot to do sans boat.

Stonewall Jackson lake has a lot of private cabins for rent around it, not actually on the impoundment. My mom stays in one called something like "hillbilly haven", which are smaller cabins, but they have various sized ones. They are in the woods.
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The rafting idea is a fine one if your friends are up for that kind of thing. The suggestions above are for southern or south eastern WV, so let me make a suggestion for northern WV. Oglebay Park just outside of Wheeling rents Cottages in a psuedo-woods environment (basically there are a few dozen cottages spaced out on a few winding loops thru the woods).

The advantages of Oglebay is that it is only 15ish minutes away from I-70 so it is easy and quick to get there if you are coming from Ohio or PA. Oglebay is also a gigantic park by most city standards so that there is a lot to do there if you are so inclined.

I grew up in Wheeling and would be happy to answer any questions (e-mail is in the profile).
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Babcock State Park is nice. It's in Fayette County and about 30 minutes away from put-in on the Gauley if you opt to go rafting.

Rafting the Gauley is highly recommended if you want some excitement. My wife and I used to do the New River every spring and the Gauley every fall before we had kids.
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