Oily Stain On Silk
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How do I get a stain out of a silk tie?

About 3 months ago, I got some food on a cream silk tie and although I acted PDQ in removing the bulk of the spill, I now notice it has left a slight oily discolouring in two places.

Does anyone have any tips for cleaning silk ties that have worked for them in the past? I have an interview tomorrow and I really want to wear this particular tie!
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if you are in the UK (which I think you are by lookin at your profile) M&S and Next both sell little cloths for exactly these types of stains (stocked next to the ties funnily enough). I have used them before and they have worked for me.

Best of luck with the interview.
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I had a grease-stained silk tie like that and took it to a local dry cleaner, who returned it looking like new. You can probably still take it in today and have it for tomorrow.
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Won't really help you, but for the record, in the US and especially New York, TieCrafters is the place to go for tie cleaning

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Response by poster: I have to get of first thing in the morning for the interview, so I've missed the dry clean window on this one.

I'm going to see what I can find out about ClanvidHorse's suggestion. Any idea what this thing is called in case I have to ask for it?
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Sorry Davehat, I have no idea what these little cloths are called. I am sure someone in M&S will be able to help you out.
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Eh, I've tried many different dry cleaners, and they usually end up ruining the tie. They usually press it at something less than the perfect angle and ruin the texture.

I wear a tie every day, and am a bit of a messy eater, but I've found that blotting grease stains with some slightly soapy water and then blotting it to dry usually will take the stain out. The tie won't look quite as good as new, but it'll look a whole lot better than a dry cleaner would leave it looking.
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I've used Tide wipes before. They even got out a bit of a set-in stain that had been there a few weeks.
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Tide to Go. Took that 2-week old sucker right off in 5 minutes. Amazing!
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