Looking for GAP "Favorite Chinos"
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I bought two pairs of GAP "Favorite Chinos" on vacation in the US a few months ago, and I've come to realize that they really are my favorite chinos. I need more. Unfortunately I'm in Australia so I can't just pop 'round to a shop, and I can't seem to find them anywhere online. Can anyone verify that they're discontinued, or advise on where I can order some?

I love these pants! I bought them at a factory outlet mall in Orlando in April. The label inside the back waistband simply says "Favorite Chinos." They're definitely women's pants, not men's. They're a fairly relaxed fit and wide-legged too. They've got diagonal pockets on the front and horizontal ones (without flaps) on the back. I've looked on the GAP website but all I can see are maternity pants. (And I'm 99% sure these aren't maternity pants. There's no elastic whatsoever.) Have they stopped making these? Is that why I got them at such a good price?

Of course, the real goal is to locate some more of them, preferably in a women's size 12 or 14, and from someone/someplace that will ship internationally.

(I know, I know; you all think the GAP sucks. But we don't have any GAP in Australia, and there's a shocking lack of middle-range places to buy basic women's clothes. All I can seem to find are either Kmart/Target or expensive designer shops.)
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eBay, of course.
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If they came from an outlet it's very likely that the exact same model was never available in stores. Most of the clothes many big name retailers sell in their outlets are entirely separate from the lines in their regular stores. For example Banana Republic (which is related to GAP) does not sell any item that has ever been in a store in their outlets - they sell 60% in season clothes made specifically for the outlet, and 40% out of season "remakes", which are cheaper versions of clothes that sold well in the regular stores. I've bought great shirts there, but the cheap remake thing really shows up in the crappy bags they have.

All of this is just an over detailed way of saying that I think ebay (or a friend in the US) is your best bet for another pair.
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Ah, that's very useful info, crabintheocean. I had thought that the stuff in the outlets was just remainders from the shops. There don't seem to be any of the long women's pants on eBay, but I guess I can keep an eye on it.

(Alternatively, if any future MeFites read this and have a GAP outlet near them, drop me a line! I'll make it worth your while.)
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I'm actually wearing those pants right now, I got two pair at a Gap outlet store not even a year ago. I love them too! I haven't been back to that outlet place since, but I have been into regular Gap stores and haven't seen them. If I head back to where I got these, I'll let you know!! It's not too far from where I live. :)
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I have 2 pairs of these pants as well... and they're all I wear now when I remember to do laundry. They are now, in fact, my favorite pairs of pants that I've ever had and I would LOVE some more.

This must be why the GAP is having troubles... They stop selling the good stuff before we can fill our closets with them!
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I'm hitting a Gap Outlet today. See your email. ;)
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Looks like dancinglamb's got you covered, but n-thing the awesomeness of those pants. (And I just bought my two pairs last month, so they're still being stocked)

Husband: "Oh you're wearing the skinny pants!"
Me : "What? They're slouchy!"
Husband : "Sure but they make you look slender"
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I haven't gotten any e-mail yet, dancinglamb. If I missed it, I take a 14 Long! The two pairs I have are light brown and army green, but I'll take any colour I can get.

And thanks to the rest of you for at least confirming that these pants didn't just fall out of the sky!
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I live in Orlando and would gladly run into the outlet store to check out the availabilty as well. And I'll have to try some on for myself if they are that great!
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Actually one of my blog readers said she'd check up on it for me (she happens to be in Orlando), and she just left a comment saying that they still have them! So I just may have a hook up. Thanks for the offer though!
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Sorry about not getting the email. I kept checking while I was there, but alas, nothing in my mailbox. I wasn't able to get MeFi to load on my Treo :/

They had an entire wall of them marked at $39 with an additional 30% off.

LMK if your friend in Orlando doesn't come through.

Again, my apologies. BTW, they also have them as shorts. They looked super comfy!
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I sent you an email as well-- if nothing has worked out, let me know and I'll get some to you. Is your email in your profile correct?
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This is very odd. I didn't get e-mails at all from either dancinglamb or orangemiles. My email address is correct. You guys are replacing the "dot" with "." and the "at" with "@", right? I don't even see them in my spam folder... :(
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I just resent my 2 emails to the address in your profile, without the "dot" in the first part. I also sent them to the email address on your web page. If you get nothing, please post so we can figure out who is stealing your mail. :)

(Not to be all stalky or anything-- just trying to help.)
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I got those, orangemiles! Just sent you a reply back. :)
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