There's always room for Jell-O
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Where do I find the website where the woman made frightening retro recipes and then fed them to her friends?

Many moons ago, something (very possibly mefi itself) had a link to a blog where the writer tested frightening retro recipes. Many of these recipe contained classically horrifying use of Jell-O, and if I recall correctly, one of the horrible gelatin creations also used tuna.

The site just delighted me, but I can't seem to hunt it down again. I've found numerous repositories of images and snarky commentary on retro cookbooks, but nothing beats the actual reactions of people forced to taste these masterpieces. Any idea what the site was?
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Last link on the page when I searched Google for "jello retro recipes": RetroLife
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Kind of related but without the testing: Gallery of Regrettable Food.
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Are you thinking of the frightening Weight Watcher's recipe cards found here? She didn't actually feed them to her friends but the commentary is hilarious and the recipes are terrifying. Lots of gelatinous fish to be found.
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Oh, and just in case that is the site you were thinking of, here is the original Mefi thread and here is a Flickr group of people who have actually made the recipes.
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The Mefi post on RetroLife: There's always room for snarking on people obsessed with 50s kitsch.
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Marvelous! Thanks so much. I was clearly way over-thinking my search terms and overcomplicating my google process to the point that what I was looking for disappeared.
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It's kind of neat how the title of this question and the title of the post you were looking for mirror each other.
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Thank you for this. I laughed til I cried.
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