Storage and Shipping in the same place?
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How to get storage and shipping in one place for business?

I plan on importing products into the US and selling them on ebay and maybe through Amazon. I need a service that stores my products and that I can also email a shipping address to them, If I sold something, and they can ship it for me as well. The idea would be that I send the container to a distribution center somewhere in the country and ship from there. I don't need to live anywhere near this distribution center, by the way.

Amazon does this with their Fulfillment program and looks like a good bet but I want to have options. They also force you to get your own webstore on Amazon for 40 bucks a month. But Im guessing this will be good for sales so its not a big problem. Oh, and I think they don't ship worldwide yet. Haven't checked into this recently.

Anybody know of a good service that does this?
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UPS appears to have something like this. Never used it myself, just remembered seeing it. Good luck.
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Kinko's also has the service in some locations.
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