Where to stay in Rio (cheap-ish)
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Rio accommodation suggestions?

I'm going to be in Rio de Janeiro between Christmas and New Years', and am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good place to stay. I'm looking for something on the cheaper side of the spectrum; hostel would be OK. I'm more interested in music and culture than beach, and am a single woman traveling alone, so safety is somewhat of a consideration. Either suggestions for specific places to stay or for general areas would be much appreciated. Obrigada!
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There is a place called the Arpoador Inn, located, well, on the Arpoador. The Arpoador is the area between Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and is an excellent location. I would avoid Copacabana, unless you are into the skeezy old foreigner/young hooker vibe.
I would also avoid a hostel, especially at the time of year you are going to be there (crazy Rio wildness coupled with the fact that you are a woman traveling alone). My email is in my profile, if you need any additional tips, I would be happy to provide them.
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Here's the only thread about rio on travel.metafilter.com
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I'll second the Arpoador Inn. That's where I stayed when I visited Rio in 2003. It's right on the beach, serves a decent breakfast, is clean and reasonably priced.
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You're doing well to start planning this now.

All the hotels in Rio (and especially the ones in Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon) will put the prices up massively over the holidays, especially for Reveillon (New Year). I would think you stand zero chance of booking the Arpoador hotel at that time of year, either (but do stop by for a seafood platter on the patio).

If you're there for the music, you'll probably want to be on the beach for Reveillon. Just plan to stay out all night - it's probably one of the safest nights of the year. We saw Cidade Negra on the beach one year, which was excellent fun.

I was wondering if there might be some decent places to stay in Botafogo. There were some pretty good music digs there; also good old choro in the centro, or maybe something interesting in Santa Teresa.
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Santa Teresa is DEFINITELY interesting, but one must keep in mind its distance from other locations within the city. Santa Teresa may not look so far from other places on a map of the city, but because of the mountains, it ends up being very far from the action. I was in Santa Teresa a couple of weeks ago, and in a cab on a Sunday with no traffic, it took us a half hour to get to Ipanema. Imagine what it is like during Reveillon....
I definitely second the decision to make these plans as soon as possible.
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Had to call my wife to see where we stayed in Rio, it was off the beach but close enough to walk to Leblon beach.
Fairly cheap "flat" type apart-hotel.

Here are the links etc she sent:

We stayed at the Leblon Inn (it has continental breakfast like hotels here up on the outdoor roof where the pool is - nice views of city and some parts of the beach from the roof.)
Some call "Promenade Leblon Inn" and others just "Leblon Inn
Rua Dias Ferreira, 15
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Neighborhood: Zona Sul

Phone: +55 21 2259 9030
Fax: +55 21 2259 9030
Leblon Inn

Leblon Inn

also she said the Claridge is good too

She said (about Claridge and above):

think my parents stayed there (Claridge) last time they went to rio because the Leblon Inn was full, but dunno if they liked...

have in mid that those are very "cheap" places, like just to crash is ok, its very basic...

I think the Leblon Inn had a sort of kitchenette but it was my wife and I and her dad staying - 2 separate beds in the bedroom, 1 bathroom and a pullout couch in livingroom and small kitchenette and was about $US 100 per night I think..maybe less you should check pricing.

but for me, for example, on sept 7th (our independence day) the nicest of their hotels (which is Promenade Palladium) it would start from $290 reais (about 155 dollars) per person in double occup.

there is one that is far from leblon, but still in front of the beach Casa delMar and this one would be around 100 per day and its looks a lot better than the one we stayed at (think its newer) actually this one is not bad, its not that far, its on the "best" beach (Barra da Tijuca), close to the mall... its just that some people prefer Leblon, others Barra da Tijuca...

Good luck and have a great trip nomatter where you stay!
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