Photo flip books: how to do them?
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Photo flip books: how to do them? (and not using jumpcut)

I like the photo flip books, like the George Lange one that was posted to the blue . Photojojo recommended using jumpcut, but man I've had trouble with that. I do like how easy it is to set up, but I've had troubles with editing and not being able to save edits, plus I'd love to be able to have a file to distribute rather than just pointing to a web address. What is the best way to do this? I am photographing a wedding for some friends soon, and have some ideas for a crazy flipbook...
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I might be misunderstanding what you want, but I think you could duplicate that video with pretty much any video editing software (even Windows Movie Maker, if you have it on your computer already) by importing a series of photos. That would let you export it as a video which could be burned to DVD for distributing.
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