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MySpace Filter: How to block out spam messages (once you've already blocked spam friend invites and comments).

Through the privacy settings on MySpace, I've figured out how to stop fakies from requesting that I be their friend (without knowing my last name or email) or leaving comments on my page. What I need now is a way to stop them from flooding my "inbox." Where's the filter to stop people from sending me messages without being my friend or knowing who I am? I'm really not this popular...
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Try checking the "Hide online now" box in the privacy settings. The spammers generally try to target people who have logged on recently or are online now. I noticed that I used to get a lot of spam messages just after having been on, and after checking this box the number dropped.
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Response by poster: Thanks, kevin. Anyone know of a more permanent solution? I like the ability to show that I'm online in case a friend wants to quickly message me.
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