Where are more Bay Area Parcourses?
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Where are all the Parcourse trails in the Bay Area?

I've been kind of obsessed with Parcourse lately - you know, those old wooden exercise stations you see along jogging and walking trails. I'm hoping to take a personal tour of Bay Area Parcourses. I know South City's Bay Trail, Mountain Lake Park, the Polo Fields at GG Park and Lake Merced. Tell me about your favorite Parcourses (even your not so favorite)!
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Lake Elizabeth in Fremont and DeAnza College in Cupertino had par courses 10 years ago. I don't know if they're still there.
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This blog post talks about three possible parcourses in berkeley, and seems to support my memory of seeing parcourses at the berkeley marina (I'm thinking of the park on the east side of 80, across the ped bridge, which also has a frisbee golf course).
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There's one along the long bike trail in Foster City - I think it's officially named Leo Ryan Park.
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There seem to be some of those stations along some of the Foster City sections of the Bay Trail (and adjacent paths). Also, Stanford has one along Palm Drive.
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should have previewed
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There was on on Moffett Field back when I lived there. Which was uhh, oh man, 20 years ago now.
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Oops, make that 30 years.
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There's one on the Lafayette-Moraga trail.
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I think I saw one down at Candlestick Point.
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Also around Oracle and the Sofitel at Redwood Shores.
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I know that there's at least a station at Lake Merritt in Oakland on Grand Avenue near the freeway overpass. I don't know if it's a whole course or not. (Can't think of where other stations might be, I haven't seen any others around the lake.)

I've also seen a station in fairfield, near (what I think was) the West Texas freeway entrance on the N/W side of the freeway.

Not sure if either/both of these are isolated stations or part of real courses. (Also pretty sure Fairfield is not part of the Bay Area, okay, maybe the Suisun Bay area...)
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Town Park in Corte Madera still had one last time I was there (which was a couple years ago). It was mostly near the Northwest corner of the park, as I recall.
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In Campbell, beginning at about
Lat. 37.285601, Long. -121.939447
and running southwest toward Vasona Lake.
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There's one at Marina Park in San Leandro with a nice view of the of the Oakland airport.
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Mill Valley, on the bike path.
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