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How can I forward text messages with attachments from my phone to an email? (not the other way around)

I found this thread explaining how to forward emails as text to a phone, but I need to do the reverse. The pictures someone sent me look like crap at 1"x1". I have a basic samsung flip phone with T-Mobile.
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Best answer: I'm presuming adding email address as contact, then forward text message didn't work?
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Best answer: I've always just put my email address in the "To" section instead of a phone number.
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Response by poster: Hmm. It would seem that I can only type numbers in the "To" section. Now it seems my phone is incapable of doing this.
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Best answer: If you're talking about pictures, you're talking about MMS. The protocol there is put in the email address. If you can get MMS messages you should be able to send them. Often this feature is called "Picture Messages".
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Ask your provider. Mine (Fido in Canada) has a four-digit number you can text emails to (in a specific format)
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Response by poster: Okay I marked several as best becuase by putting them together I figured it out. I had to add me as a contact and then save it to the phone (and not the sim) to get the option to add an email. Then I realized that they are, as birdherder pointed out, picture messages and not attachments to the text messages.

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I'm a little late to the party; but with T-mobile you can send and receive email pretty easily via SMS. To send, you can use the SMS gateway 500. Check out this wiki which has pretty good instructions.

To receive, just have the email sent to yournumber@tmomail.net
For example, 5105551212@tmomail.net
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