LCD Soundsystem's Krautrock Influence
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This LCD Soundsystem song, "All My Friends", sounds similar to a Krautrock song that I've heard in the past, but I can't seem to pinpoint it. Anybody know which one? Possibly something by Kluster/Eno?
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Not Krautrock, but it sounds a hell of a lot like New Order. Particularly "Love Vigilantes."
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Franz Ferdinand cover this song, although based on your description, it seems unlikely that this is what you're referring to.
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So many tracks on that new LCD Soundsystem record sound like earlier songs, but without being totally blatant rip-offs. When I first heard this, the super-trebly rhythm reminded me of "Virginia Plain" by Roxy Music (from '72, when Eno was in the band).
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(a sample of "Virginia Plain")
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(Although, considering kaseijin's New Order answer, the vocal melody also reminds me a bit of NO's "Age of Consent.")
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I know nothing about Krautrock, so no help from me there, but parts of it remind me of Somebody Told Me by The Killers, and overall I get an Echo and the Bunnymen vibe.
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I think it sounds a lot like Neu!, but not any particular song I can pinpoint. Out of the six tracks on their debut from 1975, I'd say it sounds most like "E-Musik", but obviously with a jittery piano in place of the main guitar riff.
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There have been a couple of times where I've had to double check what I was listening to because I could've sworn LCD Soundsystem was Neu! so I'd say UlfMagnet is probably right.

For what it's worth, it seems to usually be Neu! 75 that I am thinking of, so if you're looking for a good starting point, try that.

I've also heard little bits and pieces of Can and Faust, but that is almost certainly coincidence.
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