Recommendations for quality powdered vitamins and caffeine?
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Any ideas on a good online (or possibly otherwise) distributor of high quality raw vitamin/mineral powder? I'm looking specifically for high quality raw powdered B vitamins and caffeine for a homemade energy drink. I'm concerned with quality, so even advise on what sort of standards/certifications I should look for would be a lot of help.
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You might want to check out Da Vinci Labs. A lot of Docs will resell their stuff in their offices. Go to their site...

I would shoot them an email, ask specifically what you want and see if they can put it together for you or recommend a provider in your area that can give it to you.

The sales support there is pretty helpful. You don't find too many doctors that will rest their reputation on supplement providers but a lot of docs that I have talked to about it recommends these guys. I am kind of interested in what you are doing as I have thought about trying this myself. Let us know how it goes.
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Thanks bkeene, I just contacted them but they don't carry powdered B's. Spectrum Chemical carries some, but I'd like a I haven't heard much about their reputation.

Currently I'm using liquid B's, but they contain other flavors that I would rather not include in my drink. There must be a good source out there somewhere considering every energy drink on the planet seems to contain gobs of them.
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Hmm, I looked around and didn't have any more luck than you. Maybe you could ask them where they get the stuff. I don't know if they would tell you but it might be worth a shot.
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uh... I hesitate to say this, but you may have luck with powdered vitamin B if you try, um, shadier sources.

It's often used as a cut in cocaine.
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I was finally able to get almost all of what I needed here:

They have an impressively large selection

Thanks for all your help!
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