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Anyone know of a website that provides comprehensive food price data throughout the U.S.? For instance, lists the current price of top round beef, a gallon of milk, etc. I want to compare prices per region/city.
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I think what you want is in the Consumer Price Index under "average price data."
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No, but thanks for trying. I'm not looking for average consumer prices or historic prices, but the specific current price of say a pork loin roast in Cleveland or Denver or Boise, etc. The current price I would pay if I walked into the typical supermarket.
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This data is usually kept a pretty tight secret. Often you will see "agents" in grocery stores scanning their competitor's bar codes to compare prices to what they have on the shelf. You might of found a niche market though. I bet many folks would pay to know where the lowest price for any particular products was located.
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I'm googlin' for ya, but specifics are scarce. This might be something best achieved as your own project. I'd be happy to participate!
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How much are you willing to pay for this sort of information? There are many brokers out there who would be willing to sell this to you.
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I know of no single source of information, but this would be a great project. I would be especially interesting to see how stores use certain products as loss leaders (I once read something about Wal-mart and how it prices milk).

Also semi related, my grandmother routinely checks with all members of my family to see what the price of ground beef and various types of cheese is in our respective locations- if she was computer savvy I would have her make a website.
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Interesting topic. Years ago I worked at a newspaper than carried those supermarket inserts. The big local chain had two different inserts for two different (local) areas. The price differences were often startling.

Just this weekend, I bought gas at a chain I often frequent. This one was ~25 miles away from my local one, and their price was 15 cents per gallon cheaper
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I also tried to narrow it down to just beef at regional prices and got almost nothing. I would like to look into this more, possibly as a project, and would like to hear your ideas. Ambrosia Voyeur, email me. Thanks everyone.
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Go Project! Project idea: include international comparisons (with cross-currency converter).
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