How can my band find a cheap place to live and make loud music?
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How can my band find a cheap place to live and make loud music?

Basically, my band (based in London) need somewhere to live and practice, and we're all on a super tight budget. I've been looking for shitty warehouses to rent on google all day, have tried that Camelot guardian site and gumtree, but mostly it's been really un-eventful and my fucking brain hurts from trying to find something that will fit our needs amidst all the industry-only and suburban terraces etc. Do any of you have an idea of where to look for this kind of thing? I much prefer speaking to people than filling in forms on the internet, but finding specific agents is like looking for a needle in a google. Any help would be appreciated, as half my band is homeless and things are getting tight. Also, if any of you have had similar experiences and can give advice, please do so. Thanks!

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You mentioned Google, but have you tried Craigslist? Specifically the Housing and the Community/Musicians sections. There are a couple of 'looking to share a space with some musicians' ads there right now. You can answer ads and post your own.
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have you considered renting a storage shed the size of a garage?
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Call bars and ask them if they have an apartment on the 2nd floor they haven't been able to rent because of all the loud noises from the bar.
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The bar suggestion is a good one. Maybe you could even strike some kind of deal with the bar, and be their "house band" so to speak.
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You might try asking music industry folks and letting it be known you're in the market. Other musicians, booking agents, attorneys, producers, local venues, recording engineers, among others, may know a place that fits that tolerate musicians. Too, I've found this tactic (in a more general sense, simply "networking") works on getting your name known. Seeking advice about housing may give you an excuse to introduce yourself without giving a hard sell about your music.

(Good luck living with your bandmates -- and good for you for trying.)
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Second the public storage. When I was young, that was the thing to do for bands. Seems like every third unit had a band in it. Some of the garages were pretty elaborate with home-built stages, lofts, etc. Almost every night was a music festival. Practice for a few hours, then wander around watching everyone else practice. You weren't supposed to live in there (no shower facilities, etc.) but nobody really cared. Some guys slept there and had a gym membership for showering/shaving/etc.

Not sure if the UK has the same thing.
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