help me not order pizza in the room in boston
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Where should I eat in Boston with kids?

I'm looking for places to eat dinner on Friday and Saturday night, and someplace for Sunday brunch. I'll be in a party of 2 kids (age 1 and 3) and 4 adults. We'll all be staying at the Westin Waterfront (next to the convention center). We'll have two cars (but would prefer not to drive).

Last time we did this we had pizza delivered to the room -- fun for the kids, not for the grown-ups.
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The Ye Olde Union Oyster House is maze like, extremely old, and you've got enough people to call ahead and reserve booth 18, JFK's favorite. It's next to Faneuil Hall so you'll have to get there somehow, but it's probably worth it.
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For a morning treat, you could send an envoy out to the North End to pick up pastries. People seem to like Mike's Pastry, but I prefer Modern Pastry, which is just down the street.
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Faneuil Hall Market Place
Fun environment, lots of different restaurants.

Or if you want something more formal, you might try something in the North End like La Famiglia Giorgio's in the North End and follow up it up to one of the pastry shops mentioned above.

There's always the Original Pizzeria Regina in the North End as well if the kids want pizza, but you want to travel beyond the hotel room.

Or if you want seafood you might try the No-Name Restaurant on the Fish Pier.
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Modern Pastry rocks. There are some great ice cream shops on Newbury (JP Licks is the classic). I was just at La Famiglia Giorgio's two nights ago, actually - I wouldn't call it formal, but it was pretty good (their mussels weren't very good, and everything was drenched in way too much oil, but the sauce, pasta, etc was good), and it is very, very kid friendly. A lot of the restaurants in the north end won't have any problem giving the kids a plate of pasta, also.
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Durgin Park, next to Faneuil Hall. Have the beans.
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My family enjoys The Summer Shack's Boston location, which has mostly seafood, but burgers and dogs for the kids. Paper lined tables so the kids can color all over them while they wait, huge lobster tanks to see your dinner swimming around, and cool hats.

It would be a drive though, not walking. Unless you like walking more than me. Which isn't hard.
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Definite;y hit the aforementioned Quincy Market food stalls. One my fondest memories of visiting Boston as a child and one of the images in my head when I decided to move there.
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Thirding the Quincy Market food stalls, and there's loads of other restaurants in that area.

If you'd like to explore Boston, and dont want to drive, get on the Silver line (bus) - there's a stop at the convention center, and it'll get you downtown, from where you can take the T anywhere. I'd suggest a walk down Newbury street - loads of restaurants, some kid friendly, some not. Maybe head into Cambridge, find some restaurants in Harvard Sq. (easy T-ride from South Station, which is just across the water from your hotel).

Specific restaurant recommendations would be easier if you give some indication of your dining preferences?
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Best answer: This is an actual restaurant for families (complete with play area! and excellent food!)

Full Moon in Cambridge.
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For brunch, the Paramount is super. It's crowded and you have to wait in line before you order, but the line moves fats and they have food that kids like as well as grownup food. Afterwards you'll be right near the Garden and Common to see the Swan Boats and Frog Pond. Or you can walk up into Beacon Hill to play at the Myrtle Street Playground (slides, swings, jungle gym, tricycles, etc.).

We were just there yesterday with our 2-year-old, and we managed a brunch there when he was only a 1-year-old, too.

You'll have a bit of a walk from the Westin, but it's not too bad.

Take umbrella strollers since the place is crowded. Big strollers may have to be left outside.
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I went to Boston a few times as a child (between the ages of 7-12) and was so unbelievably excited that you could get a peanut butter and M&Ms sandwich at Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market. The runner up was a fluffernutter, because we couldn't buy "marshmallow fluff" in a jar back home.

Ah, sugar-filled memories.
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Response by poster: I'm just popping back in to mention that we don't have any strong food preference... more important would be a general attitude of welcoming toward kids and a larger than Q=4 dining party.

That said, we'll probably steer away from seafood (plenty of that here at home in CT).

Thanks for the great suggestions so far.
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The Marriot at the Long Wharf has a great lobster special nightly. I think it's ten bucks for a 1 lb. lobster dinner. I highly recommend it. It's also right by the New England Aquarium. Hit the aquarium and then walk over for the lobster. It's real close.

BTW, you can also catch a whale watching cruise right there, which I really enjoyed.
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oops, nevermind. I shoulda previewed. Nix the lobster dinner.
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Best answer: A short walk to the Red Line subway and take it to Davis Square. Follow your nose one block to Redbones for the bestest BBQ. Very kid friendly.
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Oh, and for Sunday brunch...if you are at all adventurous, walk over to Chinatown for Dim Sum.
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Response by poster: Just in case anyone is ever looking for the same info, I changed the answers I marked as favorites to reflect what we actually tried.

Redbones on Friday night was absolutely awesome. We arrived around 5:30 and they seated us easily. We ordered the dinner for 4, plus a kid's meal in case they wouldn't eat what we ordered. Around $100 total.

Full Moon for Saturday's dinner was perfect with our two traveling tots. The adults ate in peace while the 3-y.o. played and the 1-y.o. colored. We got the 3-y.o to eat his quesadilla, eventually, with a promise of returning to the play area. The fruit and carrot side is pretty meager with a kid's meal, so if that's your kid's thing, get the full plate of fruit. Again, around $100 total.

Which brings me to the Paramount. Parents, I beg of you, do not go there on a Sunday morning. We tortured our kids with over an hour in line. The food was fantastic, and seeing the trays leaving the counter was what kept the adults from walking out, but it is JUST NOT KID FRIENDLY. We took one umbrella stroller as recommended and between the waiting diners and the busboy's cart, it didn't fit down the aisle.

If you must go, and you must take your kids, have one adult wait outside with the kids while another orders. You can't save a seat, but they didn't seem to mind us taking turns evacuating the very sad 1-y.o. from the line.
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Response by poster: Also meant to add that Paramount has no highchairs.
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