iTunes vs microwave....fight!
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Why does iTunes hang when my wireless is wonky? How do I make it stop?

I have iTunes set up to stream mp3s over my wireless network. It works great, until I use the microwave. I can deal with the short break in the music while I'm nuking my popcorn, but after the microwave has been on for more than 10 seconds, iTunes goes into the rotating beachball loop of death. It never finds the network again and refuses to respond, even when I "force quit". I've even tried killing the process from the terminal. How can I fix this? If I can't fix it, what should I use to stream tunes instead?
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note, the network comes back for all other applications a few seconds after the microwave turns off. Only iTunes hangs.
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There are a few functions in iTunes that rely on a network connection. Go through your preferences and make sure that any items that would seem to need the network are switched off. Things like:
• Look for shared libraries
• Share my library on my local network
• Automatically download missing album artwork
• Check for updates automatically
• Look for remote speakers
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