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I'm taking a week off from working out to break a plateau. Should I dial down my eating as well or maintain my workout-level intake?

I don't necessarily think this needs [more inside], but I suppose I'll add some context anyway. 30, male, 5'10, 175, fairly lean (I'd guess around 10% body fat), extremely active. I lift 4-5 times a week, bike everywhere (Boston), run an additional 1-2 times a week (6-8 miles each).

I'm leaning up for this year's Black Rock City endurance test, but I've hit the damn plateau just three weeks before Playa time. I've been getting my body primed and ready for two weeks in the desert, but I'm afraid I need to take a week off to cool my jets, as I've been training fairly intensely since last November and I just can't seem to get past a certain point over the last few weeks.

Dietarily speaking, I've been hitting the protein shakes daily for as long as I can remember; piling on the lean meats and the raw fruits and veggies; and allowing myself some wiggle room with snacks (granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, and the odd fistful of baker's chocolate in my weaker moments). In general, I'm probably diligent to a fault in strategizing my food intake.

It may seem like an easy question (possibly covered before, so blame my Google-fu), but should I adjust my eating accordingly if I'm going to cut out the exercise? I've always "worked out to eat," and I need some guidance on how to adjust. Do I keep up the high-volume eating in order to facilitate muscle repair? Should I tweak my caloric intake if I'm doing nothing more than the requisite amount of exercise to get around town? Your thoughts to the green mailbag, MeFites...
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Context is always important!

There is a lot of info that you aren't giving us:

What is your maintenance calorie intake?
What is your current calorie intake, and what is your carb/protein/fat ratio?
What exactly is the plateau you've hit? How far are you from your goal?

Short answer, dial it back a little, but keep enough surplus to replenish your system.

If you were quitting altogether, it would be advisable to dial it down to your maintenance level, but since you are just taking a short break, you want your body to have access to some surplus for the purposes of replenishment.
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