Help me be the skinniest naked model I can be!
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What is the best way to make sure I look super skinny for nude a photoshoot on Tuesday?

Yep, thats right. No clothes, so any sort of undergarment isn't going to work. I am looking for ways to lose weight quickly! I am not that worried about keeping the weight off after the shoot, although of course I won't complain if it does. It's not a sexy shoot or anything, so I won't be doing any special poses that can make me look skinnier. Although... if you got em, feel free to tell me!
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I once read in some women's magazine (maybe Allure?) that if you do some strength training moves immediately before, your muscles will appear more toned & prominent from the exertion. I have no idea if this is true or not, but it can't hurt!
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Keep your sodium and caffeine intake low and your water intake high until the shoot to reduce your water weight, and watch your posture when you're posing. Not only will you just look better if your posture's good, but you'll look more confident which will translate as looking great.
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Don't eat anything, drink only water until the shoot, and do a bunch of push ups and sit ups the morning of.
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I mean, don't eat *anything* between now and then - you won't die.
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Well, you could stop drinking water, like a day before. And you could drink diuretics (like cranberry juice) to further get rid of fluids. For an extreme method, you could take something like exlax the night before or so.

Professional body builders do the water thing before a show (I think they also stop eating, anything, a day or so before too), and my friends would do the exlax thing for high school wrestling.
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For even incredibly fit people, the key is all in body positioning and camera angles. Practice in the mirror, see what positions best showcase your advantages, and try to work them into your poses.

Though a good photographer will know to keep an eye on these things, feel free to tell them which angles you feel flatter your body the most-- but that said, from there you just have to butt out (har har), let it go and trust their instincts.
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Similar (recently).
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This post has a lot of good advice.

And I am sure this tag will help.
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Whatever you choose to do, steer clear of soda and raw veggies for at least a couple hours before, as both can make your stomach look bloated.
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Please don't stop eating and drinking completely more than 24 hours before a photo shoot. You'll end up passing out under the hot lights, trying to hold those uncomfortable poses for minutes at a time.

Don't eat any "gassy" or "bloaty" foods, and do practice in front of the mirror. Poses that are a given for looking your best are: shoulders back, hips always at an indirect angle to the camera (and with a slight tilt), back arched when possible, neck extended.

But really, it's really up to the photographer (in terms of lighting, lens, perspective, and posing choices) to make you look as good as possible.

Be forewarned that, in his or her estimation, looking as good as possible may not be the same as "looking as skinny as possible". You may not share the same aesthetic.
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Go cosmetic. You can paint on all kinds of things that aren't there naturally, just as blush can create cheekbones that don't really exist. Happens all the time in shoots & movies, either before or after the actual filming, or both. Six-packs, ribs, muscle definition on the arms & legs...
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Yes, forget the rapid weight loss and think body makeup and specific poses.
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I'd ask them to use one of these cameras...
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Sit in a sauna to get rid of the water weight. Or you can get one of those body wraps to do the same. Do it the night before and ask a doctor first.

Howard Stern's sidekick, Robin, lost almost 30 lbs. this month by following this diet.
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Eat very little and work out a ton. Less than 1000 KCal, all protein and veggies, and 2 hours a day workout. Drink tons of water, take a multivitamin. why do you need to be super skinny, if you don't mind me asking?
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Another vote for working on your posture. Practice rolling your hips in (to flatten your stomach) and relaxing your shoulders to make your neck look longer. A good massage might come in handy before the shoot, and the masseuse might give you some tips as well.

And avoid beans. Beans and sexy nudeness = a lifetime's worth of regret and sadness.
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I don't really *need* to be super skinny, I just want to look my best since pictures last forever and all that. Thanks for the advice everyone, keep it coming!
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Photoshop? See also this advice from the Tyra Banks Show:

1. Posture: twist your body away from the camera, but keep your face looking forward.

2. Pose: get your entire body into it. If you pose from the toes up, you’ll be able to see the difference in the final result even though it’s only a headshot.

3. Bling: wear long earrings and let them show through your hair. This will add sparkle and shine to any picture.

4. Hair: make it look like you have more hair by parting it down the middle and bringing it forward on both sides. This will give you a full, sexy look!

5. Relax: try not to let your nervousness show. Relax your mouth and part your lips a little bit.

6. No Blinking: close your eyes for three seconds before taking a picture. This will ensure that you don’t blink when the flash goes off.
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I think you should just try and be yourself... don't stress too much. Eat soup, if anything... it's filling and you won't be tempted to snack.
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And avoid beans. Beans and sexy nudeness = a lifetime's worth of regret and sadness.

hey MARYH.... what does this mean?
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Yes, maryh, please clarify for the original poster.

tee hee!
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Well, LordSludge, since the creation of the MeFi Plate of Beans meme, I have been enslaved by daily bean cravings. This has led to a few mortifying situations in the sexynudeness realm. Think Joseph Pujol without the lilting musicality.
Only so much can be blamed on the dog.

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Makeup. Same trick works for your collar-bones as your hip bones. I use my fingers rather than brushes, but whatever you prefer for blending...

Run a line of white shimmery powder/eyeshadow/theater pancake (whatever you have) up the "ridge" of the bone. Run a line of base (a shade or two darker than your regular makeup)/brown eye-shadow/you get the idea on either side of the white. Blend. Blend very well, as you don't want to see the streaks. This makes the hollows hollower and makes your lines pop. Makeup a shade darker on your lower tummy and under your chin. Experiment with this in the mirror before the shoot. It should look natural on camera (and only slightly obvious in the flesh).
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If you are unable to lose the desired weight before the shoot, fake it. Some people posted some ideas about how to pose, etc, but you should practice in the mirror now so that you have a visual image of what poses you look good in. I know you stated that it is not a sexy shoot, but faking certain poses does not have to make it erotic.

Firstly, always, always, always have your hips twisted. Not obviously twisted to one side so that your body looks like it is contorted into a pretzel, but putting them off to the side minimizes their width.

Secondly, if you have to be sitting, keep your legs infront of you. Sit as if you were hugging your knees. While most people would think this would accentuate the size of your legs, it does do a wonderful job of hiding a pot belly if you have one.

Thirdly, use props or other people. Again, poses do not have to be erotic.

Fourthly, focus on your facial expressions. If your face is happy and you exude confidence, being a little heavier or characterized as a plus-size model, will not matter.

Good Luck!
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