Need vacation ideas.
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I have one week of vacation left for the rest of the year that I need to burn. I need some ideas on what to do. To give you an example of what I like to do, this year I competed in a road rally, drove to the Formula 1 US Grand Prix, and drove to Ohio to see Weird Al and visit a friend of mine. I am in south Louisiana and I'd like to go drive some where. Obviously I'm a car geek and a little of a scifi nerd. I have considered driving to the cape to see a shuttle launch, but thats a real gamble. Give me some ideas AskMe.
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Snorkeling in the Florida Keys this winter would be nice. It's 16 hours of driving one-way, though you could stop at Cape Canaveral on the way as a halfway point.
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Hitch your Volkswagen to a star: enroll in adult* Space Camp in Huntsville.
*"Adult" indicates target audience; Lisa Nowak is not on the faculty.
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How about attending a Skip Barber driving school at Road Atlanta.
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Visit the set of Battlestar Galactica (if you can). Visit Roswell, New Mexico. Build a go/fly-cart for one of those Red-bull flugtag contests that I see advertised every once in a while -- seems to be one in Austin at the end of august. There are number of very cool non-vehicle vehicles to see at Burning Man.
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go to Deal's Gap and drive the dragon?
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All great ideas. I've been snorkeling in the keys, drove deals gap during the rally and really considering either Skip Barber driving school or the BMW M school. Touring the set of Battlestar Galactica would indeed be more than awesome. Great suggestions.
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