A blogger, a camera and a course - my memory fails me.
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Anyone remember a (big?) blogger taking a photography class a few years back? I just got a dSLR and am reading everything I can find. For some reason, there's a thorn stuck in my brain that keeps reminding me of a blogger a few years back who decided to take a photography course to get better with their camera. I'd love to find their site / posts about it.

My google skills have failed me. I also didn't book mark it on del.icio.us for some reason (it's possible that del.icio.us was just getting started when this all happened...). Here's one thing I remember:
One photo was of a parking lot (in snow?) with a single car in it (the car at the far left IIRC).

I don't expect much, but if this sparks a memory in anyone who can give me more to search on it'd be awesome.
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Khoi Vinh of Subtraction?
posted by voidcontext at 2:04 PM on July 29, 2007

voidcontext: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I knew Khoi was one of my heros for a reason.
Here's the specific pic I was thinking of:

as I scrolled down the post that contained it, the other pictures stood out in my mind and I knew that I was finally there.

You have saved me much mental anguish.
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You're welcome - I'm surprised it was that easy :)
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Look here too, amazing amount of info, Ken Rockwell
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I can't tell you how many hours I've spent on Ken Rockwell's site already. What a huge resource! His style seems to be a bit different than mine (Color/outdoor vs. portrait and macro) and his advice seems to skew in that direction. His lens reviews are pretty amazing.

Now I just need a few extra jobs to buy all the glass I want!
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