Looking for car rental & villa rental in orlando
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Does anybody know the best car hire rental and also villa rental companies to use in Florida, Orlando?

We are going away in September and require a good, cheap, reliable company to use for car rental and also for villas.
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I have rented many, many cars from Dollar in Orlando. They even came through the day after Hurricane Charley, which, given how messed-up everything was in town that day, was pretty amazing.

I once tried to save a few bucks by using Payless. After a 30 minute wait for the bus and an hour wait at the office for a car to be available...not gonna do that again.
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My family has used Head for Orlando twice. We've rented 4 and 5 bedroom villas with private, heated pools in gated communities. The homes were in Clermont.
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I used Alamo for a car rental a few months ago and had a bad experience. The car got dinged sitting in my hotel parking lot. When I returned it, they looked it over and told me not to worry about it. Then I got home and within a week or so a collection agency started calling me several times a week. Also, everyone who worked there looked like they wanted to be anywhere but at work. The next smile will be the first.

One more thing. If you have young children, the car rental companies at Orlando airport are notorious for not having enough childseats to go around. It's so bad, there is actually a charitable group that set up a child-seat rental place next to the airport so people aren't driving around with their young children unsecured. Even reserving one ahead of time is no guaranty you'll get one.
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