RAW file "versions" in Adobe Bridge
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Is there anyway to have "versions" of a RAW file in Adobe Bridge?

I've got a RAW image I edited, and I'd like to try a slightly different version of it (different cropping), and it would be nice if I could somehow have two different "versions" of the same RAW, so I can use either one if I want to with Adobe Bridge. I was able to do this in an older RAW editor (the one that Adobe bought--forget the name), but I can't seem to figure it out in Bridge.
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I've not found a way to do so, which is one of the primary reasons I still don't use Adobe products to convert from Raw - I'm still using the almost two-year-old Rawshooter. It's possible in Lightroom, FYI.
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I'm not sure it'll help, but Adobe (Photoshop) Lightroom has virtual copies that allow you do do just what you're looking for.
It has totally changed my photo editing workflow, and integrates very nicely with Photoshop.
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Hm, that's annoying--it'd be nice to have Lightroom, but I recently purchased Photoshop, so I won't be shelling out money for something new anytime soon. I guess I'll just have to resort to making copies of the RAW file itself.
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Lightroom is worth every penny. There is no reason to use Bridge anymore.
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This is what Version Cue is for.
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