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Help me write to the same iCal file, using a PC, a macbook and a not-bought-yet Symbian smartphone.

Here is the deal : I want to GTD my life using a single iCal file.

the machines are :

A - Plain vanilla XP computer
B - macbook
C - not bought yet smartphone. I'm eyeing the nokia E50 but if the hive has a similarly-priced better choice, I'm willing to listen

the software/web solutions are :

- Backpack paying customer with calendar enabled (solving the PC:Mac combination)

other tools on hand :

- phpicalendar on some web space I have access to
- sunbird (PC)
- iSync (Macbook)

Please help me find the software combination I need to be able to write new events in the same Ical file, using any of these three machines.

Is there a Symbian app (freeware prefered) out there that allows me to write to a web-based iCal file ?

Running separate calendars would be counter-productive. How can I read and write to the same file from these three machines ?
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For what it's worth, my set-up is as follows:

I use the iCal installation on my Macbook and enter appointments, etc. I sync this every few days or so with my Symbian smartphone (Nokia N73) and any appointments I've entered directly into the phone hence appear in iCal during the same process.

My iCal calendars are published to, which provides a place on the web to publish my iCal files from the program automatically. This is in turn synced with Google Calendar, for my friends' perusal.

This Google Calendar feed can easily be synced with Outlook on the Windows XP machine. I hope this helps. :-)
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The Google calender exports to iCal. I then sync my iCal to my Sony Symbian phone.

Works well for me.
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thanks - you can run your own private icalx using phpicalendar.
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Can I stress that I want to be able to *write* to an iCal file with my not-bought-yet Symbian phone ?
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iSync will cover keeping iCal and your phone in sync (assuming your phone actually works with iSync -- many do not). You won't get over-the-air sync, however.

Unfortunately the last time I looked, there was no good solution to being able to have two-way sync with iCal and Windows calendar software. The iCal publish/subscribe model is one way only -- that's it's greatest flaw and a huge pain in my ass -- and CalDAV isn't here yet.

Some of these problems are supposed to go away in OSX 10.5, with its support of CalDAV, but until it ships there's no guarantee it'll be there.
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Spanning Sync syncs iCal, Google Calendar, and any mobile device supported by iSync/iTunes. Make a change on any and it reflects on all of them.
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I'm currently using Plaxo to sync between my work and home iCal calendars as well as my google calendar. It works like a charm. I don't even have to manually sync between them. It also supports yahoo, outlook and a few others. I don't think it does Sunbird yet though.

I have a blackberry and use PocketMac to sync up with my home computer. Once I've done that, I've essentially synced up everywhere else too. And they support a good number of devices:
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Pardon my slight derail, but can one of you answer a general question about calendar syncing? I'm used to the Palm world of records management, which means that I can change an entry (an event on calendar, a particular contact's info, or a note pad entry) on my mobile device *AND* on my PC, and they WILL sync up without conflicts at the next sync event AS LONG AS I didn't actually try to change the SAME event/contact/notepad record in both places. What is the jargon for this feature in the calendaring world? This talk of iCal syncing makes me think that you can't actually edit in BOTH places between sync events, since it sounds like it's reading / writing an entire calendar files, not individual records.

I'm lamenting that I may have to leave my trusty old Palm behind soon, and I'm wondering what I need to look for to replace it. God Palm is so well done, it's a shame ...
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intermod: You can certainly do the same with iCal + iSync. I've no trouble making modifications using both sides of the sync and it works flawlessly.
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