name of guitar solo
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There is a guitar song used in the movie "La Bamba", but is not listed on the official movie soundtrack.

I watched the movie a few days ago and have had this guitar song stuck in my head. It almost sounds like a typical surf song, but much slower and very melancholy.... any thoughts?
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Is it listed here?
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There's also a bunch of questions & answers about songs in the movie here.
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Where in the movie does the song occur?
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If it's an instrumental and it's during the funeral scene it's Sleepwalker by Johnny and Santo.
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thank you for the imdb suggestion. I didn't even think to use that. the song was "Sleepwalk".

I can sleep tonight.
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thanks everyone for the great answers!
posted by door2summer at 11:35 AM on July 29, 2007

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