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Is there a good biography of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy? Please recommend.
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Silent Clowns by Walter Kerr is a classic on the whole silent era; truly fantastic and loving with lots of pictures. It has two chapters on Laurel and Hardy, and is just a great read overall.

Parade's Gone By by Kevin Brownlow is another classic book about the era generally.

(Neither is a Laurel and Hardy bio, but they're good starting points for research).
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Seconding The Parade's Gone By.

The Way Out West Tent of the Sons of the Desert has this list of L&H biographies.
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Please, no more recs for books about the era. I appreciate the effort, but I'm not interested in the ear in general, only L&H specifically. Thanks!
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There appear to be three fairly recent biographies of Laurel and Hardy that have been well-reviewed. That should definitely be enough to get you started.
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