Internet jam session?
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Low latency, medium fidelity, jam sessions on the internet. NINJAM is too buggy :(

I want to "jam" live with people on the other side of the world over the internet. What is the simplest, best, solution for sending audio of an acceptable fidelity for recording across the internet? I want a piece of software that does one thing and one thing well. PC, Mac, and Linux compatibility would be a big plus but I am mostly concerned about OS X. NINJAM is great for fidelity and K.i.S.S. but I've had many sessions ruined by its buggyness, or being kicked from the server and it hasn't been update since 2005. what is the state of the art?
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Have you run your own NINJAM server and still found it crashes?
A modified NINJAM that could be run from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)... that might be interesting...
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Weird. I just finished reading an article about exactly this in Spectrum. I don't know anything about this topic at all, but to summarize the article, two other solutions to look at are Musigy and Ejamming. Musigy is invite only beta, but I think you can get Ejamming right now.
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