Who remembers an RS article about a Very Special Type Of Game?
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Help me find an article that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine a few years ago (maybe 2004?) about a special and very exclusive "game." It was an annual adventure game where participants paid the entry fee (maybe $10K) and went from place to place looking for clues that would lead to the next location.

I seem to recall Microsoft employees taking part. There was a prize at the end. I think it took place over a period of 24 hours. Teams loaded up a van with all kinds of equipment--computers, printers, GPS, cash, survival-type stuff, etc. At one point, a team wound up in a Best Buy and received a clue of some sort from at TV on a wall of televisions. Some parts bordered on dangerous, and much of this game was very mysterious, in a paranoid kind of way. I'm almost reminded of the David Fincher movie "The Game." I'm coming up with nothing on Google and Rolling Stone's website. Anyone have this article bookmarked?
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Similar, from NYT 1999.
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I've heard of what you are talking about, don't read RS so it wasn't there, racking my brains to figure it out. Incidently this made me lose "the game". Hopefully someone will have better recall than I, or that some magical synaps close and I remember.
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And of course, that article is hosted on the website of The Game itself. They have other press clippings, but I don't see a Rolling Stone one.
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Jssbus. And by "I don't see a Rolling Stone one", what I mean is it's the second link on this page.
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Wow, folks. 18 minutes for the exact article I was looking for. Thanks!
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If anyone knows of other games like the one in the question, I feel it would be a good addition to the thread to post them here.
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At the webpage of the game, they list some copycat games as well.
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