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I need a new, semi-dangerous hobby

I am looking for a new hobby- I already fly small craft, SCUBA, and have been skydiving. Caving has been suggested, as has mountaineering. (claustrophobia, and fear of heights.) What other options would be good? If I can do them in south-central USA, even better. And yes, someone has already suggested playing with snakes. NOT going to happen
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Investing in the Scottsdale or Phoenix residential real estate markets?

Barring that, spleunking does sound rather fun.
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Hang-gliding might be up your alley.
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Rugby! It is a great game, and I think a contact sport with no padding qualifies as semi-dangerous.
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Texas Rugby Union
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It's expensive, but how about racing? Learning how to drive stupidly fast is fun!
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Endurance riding (horseback riding).
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Where in the south-central US? The South features a lot of amazing whitewater, so why not whitewater kayak, canoe, or raft?
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Alligator wrestling
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Be a goalie. It's lot's of fun and nothing feels better than getting hit with a puck.
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Mountain biking. I know lots of friends who've wiped out big time and gotten injured. I've been in a few myself.


ATVs. Or mudding (ie., ATV behaviour with trucks/SUVs)

Punting. Although with condoms it's not that "dangerous."

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Oh, wow, yes. Like zephyr_words said, goaltending in hockey.

Are there any roller hockey beer/whatever leagues in your area? Goalie equipment can be expensive, but it sounds like money isn't a limiting factor for you, hobby-wise. See if there are any goal-tending schools in your area as a way to get started.

I love playing goalie since it's the "last defender" position and it feels grrreat to "rob" someone. Having pucks/balls fly towards you at sometimes speeds faster than a fastball (with a smaller impact profile) can really get the adrenaline pumping - when your job is to stop that flying esophogeous-crunching chunk of hard rubber...

Make sure you invest in the proper equipment (I'm surprised that I haven't been hurt more permanently; the throat-guard is a worthwhile investment).
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it's a different kind of dangerous, but poker?
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Juggling chainsaws?
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mountain biking.
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Rock climbing?
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What about being on the other end of the dangerous thing at a shooting range?
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Forget mountain biking, try bicycle commuting! Just like all those other activities, it isn't particularly dangerous if you do it right, but it feels like it is. You are putting huge resources into these activities, when real thrills are right outside your door.
Or, are you just looking for activities that will make other people think "Oh wow! He's dangerous."?
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Semi-dangerous + claustrophobe + acrophobe + TX = rodeo clown
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Off-road Unicycling!
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SCCA. Get a cool car, take it to the track, go balls to the wall.
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Build amazing things, whereupon your life depends on your handiwork not failing at a critical time.

eg design, build, and fly your own personal airship
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I've been involved in a lot of sports and horseback riding (jumping or eventing in particular) is definitely the most dangerous of them, if that's your main criteria. It's expensive in the US though and has a long and steep learning curve so if you're not feeling rich or patient how about taking up whtewater kayaking.
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Day in, day out, for the most excitement for your danger hobby dollar, buy a big bore, fast motorcycle, and ride it regularly.
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Learn to snowboard, it is probably the most fun (and dangerous) thing I do. From there, once you have sufficient skill, do backcountry and heliboarding (both of which I've never tried, but really want to). Or there's always the halfpipe and rails and big jumps if that's what interests you. Make your own fun.
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Second the endurance riding-- or learn to ride cross-country (with jumps!)
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Springboard diving.
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Kite boarding or kite buggying
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Weaponsgradecarp has it, buy a used Miata and take it racing at a local SCCA event. Kart Racing is also cheap-ish and insanely fun.
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Paragliding? No need to worry about the heights, because you have a parachute. And you can fly. Without an engine. I don't have a fantastic relationship with heights myself, but I've improved it a lot by climbing at indoor walls (but you need a climbing buddy to belay you) and spending some time on tall ships (this quickly gets expensive, quite apart from not being something you can do on the odd day off!).

Some kind of racing dinghy sailing? It may not sound dangerous initially, but you can get all sort of interesting injuries from being hit by the boom or anything breaking, even before we get to the whole issue of potentially drowning (which shouldn't happen when you're wearing a lifejacket, but all things are possible).
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Picking fights with people who are bigger and tougher than you.
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Disc golf. People throwing frisbees all over the place, you never know when one might fly out of nowhere and freaking kill you.
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Thanks guys, yall gave some very interesting and often unusual answers. Sorry chuckles, however, I consider urban cycling where I live to be an utter suicide sport, and would prefer something where I have some control over when I die- cocaine, juggling chainsaws, and punting all seem significantly safer :)

The motorcycle, however.... the main problem with that is the MANY lectures I'd get from my family about it....
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There's a pretty developed community of urban explorers in Texas. Houston and Dallas have a lot of abandoned spaces, and some require rappelling and canoeing (not to mention breaking and entering) to navigate.

If you get into the abandoned helium plant outside of Amarillo, let me know.
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N-thing mountainbiking. Not the same type of adrenaline rush as motorcycle racing but very physically demanding and fun. Also, tried basejumping? I know nothing about it but I understand it's one of the more dangerous hobbies out there. It may be too similar to skydiving for your tastes though.
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Caving is fun, but I've never found that it gives a sense of danger. Try vertical caving, where you rappel down into the cave, and accend back up. If you get really into it, I hear there is a cave in Mexico that you can do BASE jumping into. You can also combine caving with SCUBA.
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Day trading.
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Going off of what others are saying........ Fight Club. Just go find someone else like you and go beat the shit out of someone. If I wasn't such a pussy, I'd totally do it.

Then again, some guys won't hit chicks. Dammit.
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I second Alterscape's recommendation of BASE jumping. I always wanted to try it when I was skydiving, but never did get into it. I can't imagine a bigger thrill than BASE.
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Become a mercenary. I hear it also pays well.
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You're in the market for a Longboard my friend. It's all the cool of skateboarding, without all the uncool baggy pants teenage sk8r boi stuff that makes it impossible to start skating when you're older than 20. The danger level is highly adjustable, so you're able to push it just enough to have a good chance of getting hurt without any real chance of actually dying.
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2nding whitewater kayaking.

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