Flv editing/remixing?
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I want to download a bunch of videos from Youtube and edit them together for re-uploading. I've done this a few times in the past but it was time consuming. There must be better tools out there now?

In the past I was downloading the flv files, converting backwards to mpg with Riva encoder then using Windows Movie Maker to edit. This was time consuming, often didn't work properly, and the quality was very poor. I want to get back into making a few films with flv files from Youtube, are there up to date tools available? Surely someone has developed a quick and easy flv editor or some sort of plugin for Premiere? If not what are your tips/methods for doing this without too much encoding/decoding and quality loss? Google search is near futile. I have Premiere and Windows Movie Maker.
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Maybe the Youtube Remixer?
posted by jeremias at 6:36 PM on July 28, 2007

... or Jumpcut.
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Downloading from Youtube and then converting to mpg format will get you crap EVERY time.

If you can find the video on Google Video (and you can 90% of the time), then you might want to try this.

Something I did not put in that post - When you are at http://video.google.com/ and you search, it will come back with videos from Youtube and Google Video. To restrict this to Google Video preform a search like so:

search term site:google.com
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