How can I strip out extraneous CSS rules from my stylesheets?
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How can I strip out extraneous CSS rules from my stylesheets?

I've got an external css file that I've modified quite extensively and it's also quite long. I would like to compare the rules in the css file with the div and class tags that I've added in my html and then discard all the css rules that don't apply. So this isn't CSS optimizing like CSS Tidy . . .

Is there anything either on or offline that will allow me to do this?
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CSS Redundancy Checker
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great link rhomboid!

i want to point out that a few posts later, he links a css redundancy checker that doesn't require a ruby interpreter, but instead, runs with greasemonkey in your browser
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Thanks to both of you, I love it when a plan comes together . . .
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While this may not do exactly what you're asking, the CSS Superdouche is a pretty handy little CSS optimizer.
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Wohoo, I made that one.
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To answer my question, I also found this extension recently, it looks pretty well documented, Dust-Me selectors.
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